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Place Your Betts

Karma is alive and well in Hollisville, Texas.

What comes around goes around—only this time Betts Monroe isn’t going until she gets what’s coming to her.

Place Your Betts-First Chapter – Katie Graykowski

Perfect SummerPerfect Summer

All’s fair in love and football.

Summer Ames is a teacher on a mission to save the world one at-risk kid at a time.  When she meets an over privileged quarterback with good hair and bad intentions, she’s the one at risk.

Perfect Summer-First Chapter – Katie Graykowski

images2Lucky In Love

Fame is an illusion but betrayal is forever.

Life in the fast lane has rolled right over Lucky Strickland.  In the last year she’s lost her house, her husband, and her favorite Loubies.  Will she let the man responsible help her pick up the pieces of the life she never wanted in the first place?

Lucky in Love-Chapter One – Katie Graykowski